H ollywood can be a beautiful place. It can also be a judgmental place. A vein city built on talent agencies who rely on your appearance to decide your value and credibility. Once I learned how detrimental age was to my career I avoided disclosing my number. Let’s face it, every cosmetic company is trying to sell you a product that guarantees reversing your youth. My inner beauty enthusiast wants to try them all. However, when I started blogging full-time, I learned the value of budgeting and could not afford to invest in every high-end beauty product anymore. For a self-obsessed beauty addict it was a nightmare come to life. At the time, the alternative solution was to accept every beauty campaign offered to me, paying or not, and see for myself which products lived up to their promise. Budgeting taught me about affordable quality beauty products.

Partnering with these beauty companies put pressure on me to be truthful about the results, so I only agreed to promote the products I deemed fit based on my expectations and results. Unfortunately, none of the anti-aging products I had used for years, or the new products I tested showed results in 1 week (some as advertised). Most products required daily use for maximum results (which I believe is standard). I applied myself to a rigorous skin care routine and stuck to it for now 6 months. To be fair, I only experimented with the products given to me to advertise. So I will focus on those products. However, there are products I’ve used for decades I will share with you in another posts that deserve recognition but those are a higher price and this article is about, in my opinion, the best quality affordable beauty products on the market. 

Verdict: For best results you must use a product for at least 30 days and continue to use it. And for better results apply multiple products with the Michael Todd Soniceraser Pro Skin Firming Facial Massager. No one product does everything. The only solution I found for immediate results were face masks. They do not reverse aging, minimize pores or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But they do give your skin instant hydration and an immediate glow. I used to use them every day but have reduced my usage to 2-3 per week. My favorite brand for face masks is SK-II and Tatcha, but from an economical standpoint Forever 21 offers a variety of face masks for $1 per mask and they are very good. Not 5-star good like the other two I mentioned, but comparable to other brands from Sephora

If are looking for more than hydration and glow I suggest layering products. Scroll down to see a list of products I discovered in 2018 and swear by!

Fine lines and Wrinkles: No7 Laboratories, No B.S. 


Instant Glow: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Paula’s Choice Essential Glow Moisturizer  


Hydration: Kate Somerville Glow Moisturizer Hydrant, Sephora Intensive Moisturizer 


All in one:Paula’s Choice Defense Collection, Michael Todd Daily Renewal Serum


Skin Refresher: Hervibore Rose Water, Mario Badescu is a steal at $7 per bottle. 




is the CEO of www.monikafreeman.com. She also works as a Creative Director, Writer, Brand Strategist and Fashion Editor.

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