A s far back as I can recall, I don’t remember having a New Year’s resolution. Last year I hoped for a long, healthy life something I believe I took for granted in my youth when life seemed invincible. But 2018 challenged me in ways other years hadn’t and forced me to become a better person. The best person. 2018 also led me down a path of soul searching to find the value of my life rather than the inherited societal expectations social media has placed on us. It was an unplanned New Years resolution I suppose. I endured the most valuable lessons of my life thus far and have carried that wisdom into 2019 with an even greater optimistic attitude. That is my hope for you, too.  To find the best version of yourself and genuine happiness within. Cheers to a fresh start, happy new year and new beginnings! 

Looking ahead at the next 12 months there’s no room or time to look backward. It’s now or never and I intend on making my dreams my reality.  Though I’ve accomplished more in this life than I ever imagined possible, there are so many things I still want to achieve. Personal goals. And this is the year! My year! Your year! Our year! The great thing about goals is anything is possible if you believe it is. Find your desires, manage your time accordingly and achieve your goals. If Oprah can do it, you can do it! 

I’m not much of a planner but I’ve been practicing small tactics to achieve realistic timelines and work towards small milestones this new year. I’m also working on taking more time for myself which I encourage you to do. Time to listen to myself, my intuition and trust what feels right to lead the way over the next 365 days.

Over the Christmas holidays I saw an inspiring Hallmark movie called A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. Yes, I’m guilty of over indulging in Hallmark movies. But I loved this movie! It was based on a novel written about one woman’s quest for happiness detoured by the chances she never took due to fear, complacency and excuses. To that, let’s welcome new chances in 2019 and avoid living in fear missing opportunities. Trust in yourself and find genuine happiness. The exciting part is today is a new day, a new year and the perfect time to make changes to achieve our best lives. 

Happy holidays! Wishing everyone everything you desire and the ride of your life in 2019!! 

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