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Okay, the question I get asked daily. Should you start a blog? Let me preface this post by saying, blogging can be fun, but it is not easy. Now I’m sure you have read stories about bloggers who are making money off their blogs. Some have even managed to turn their hobby into a lucrative business. The fact is, you can benefit and profit from having a blog, but it will cost you figuratively, and yes, literally. This post is for those of you who are willing to do what it takes to turn a passion into a profit blogging.

If you are ready to become a blogger here is a must checklist:

  1. You enjoy writing and have something valuable to say 
  2. You can produce quality content and share stories
  3. Capable of publishing and maintaining content daily 

If this is you, before we dive into blogging any further, ask yourself (and answer honestly) how badly do you what to be a blogger? This is crucial because blogging is a full-time job if you want to keep up sustainability in this profession. AND for most people they already have a full-time job. If you want to be a serious blogger and turn this into a lucrative business you MUST be serious about blogging. How serious? There are people with full-time jobs and families who moonlight as bloggers. You must be serious enough to do it all even when it becomes time-consuming and stressful.

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Now you might be wondering why you need a blog when so many people are making money off of sponsored posts on social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc?! Here’s why! While sponsored posts and partnerships do account for a large percentage of a successful blogger’s annual salary, it is not the only way to capitalize on your brand/blog/Influencer status. To grow your brand you need to use multiple resources: Display ads, affiliate marketing, selling products, offering services and sponsorships. The difference between social media platforms and a blog is that a blog can generate revenue while you’re on vacation and social media technically cannot unless you are selling a specific product and redirecting your audience to a product page via a website or blog.

If you use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., you know how hard it is to grow a loyal following. Followers drop off like flies. The same holds true for blogging. Just like social media platforms your blog has an audience. You must appeal to your audience 24-7 which is why this is a full-time job. If you are not feeding your audience evergreen content and rich media they will drop off too. Without an audience your blog is just a diary because you will not generate revenue.  

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I love blogging! Writing articles, sharing creative content and art directing are my biggest passions. But it took me 8 YEARS!!! 8 long freaking years because I wasn’t serious. I would post two articles a year and then take months off. I thought focusing on posting a picture here and there on social media was enough. WRONG! How did I expect to grow my audience and attract new visitors without revolving content and consistency? Let me break it down for you… Have you ever been obsessed with an IG account? You check the account every hour or so to see if they have uploaded a new photo. Days pass and there’s NOTHING new! The same thing happens with your blog and the content you post. Your viewers want consistency. Constant posts. People want immediate satisfaction and will jump ship if they don’t get it. 

If you are serious THEN DO IT! The best thing to do when you are starting out is to pick two social platforms and concentrate on them simultaneously while maintaining your blog. Depending on your niche you can decide which platforms are right for you and your brand. Instagram and Facebook are the two most used by businesses. Pinterest and YouTube are popular too however each platform is used by businesses for different purposes. Do your due diligence so you will know the differences of each platform and then choose which platforms work best for your niche.

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Time management will become your best friend. Allocate time daily for you blog. If you are just starting out challenge yourself to write one post per day. Then write two and so on. Make sure you are publishing quality over quantity. I found the best way to blog and make it fun rather than stressing over inspiration is to write about things you like. Make sure it is authentic. If you are a skilled professional in an area write how-to articles because people are constantly looking for tips and tricks. The key is consistency. It is important if you want to make money. To generate revenue from your blog you need constant traffic which also means knowing your blog demographics.

I should also mention it takes money to make money. I’ve easily spent six figures on developing my brand, blog and producing content from web design, web hosting, photography, videography, resources i.e., clothing, food, appliances, beauty. Before you can make money you have to spend money. There are ways to blog on a dime but I did it backwards which I don’t advise you to do. Start out with what you have excessible and use those things to produce content. You will need to spend money initially for web development but there are several ways to be a blogger in any niche without spending money on themes, blog graphics, photography and editing tools. Know what you are doing before starting a blog. STUDY and read as much as possible. 


Now you are ready to start blogging! I encourage you to enjoy what you are writing about and be as authentic as possible. As I’ve said before you want to attract the right brands and the right audience for your brand which is your blog. Also keep in mind there is not a right or wrong way to blog, it is your voice so it is imperative you believe in what you are selling because your readers value and trust you. Give them a reason to come back so you can develop a loyal audience. Through analytics you can study what posts, times and days are popular and focus your content accordingly. 

Stay positive! Treat your blog as a fun passion project and you will find it to be rewarding over time. It will become addictive but don’t get discouraged by writers block, competition, sleep loss, ROI, website traffic, etc. Remember to be successful you have to treat blogging like a job because it is a JOB! Once I got serious about my blogging career it only took me two weeks to begin making money. BUT, I studied religiously and gave up my free time. Stay focused, remain unique and put in the work because you too will reap the benefits of blogging and may even create your dream job!

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