The Power Of Perspective

The Power Of PerspectiveHave you ever experienced an intuitional red flag? A flying red banner or feeling of a stop sign in front of you? Me too. For most of my life my intuition signaled me with triggers — some were to stop me from making mistakes and others to encourage me to push forward. The problem? I had a need to control my outcome and didn’t listen to the signs. There is wisdom in mindfulness. Listening to your body. If you slowdown long enough and pay attention your body will speak to you. However, if you are like I used to be and don’t follow your heart, then the power of perspective is necessary to guide you to your ultimate happiness. 

I use the term happiness vaguely because it is subjective. For some it is safety, peace, freedom. To others it can be security, family, love. Then there are those who require monetary items, status and labels. Whatever your definition of happiness is, or category you fall into, happiness is available to you — and it is free! I have always chosen to be happy even in my times of struggle. I never looked at happiness as something I couldn’t have. Although the more I get to know people and understand how reactionary we are I have learned the value of choosing happiness and how that can be difficult. 

The last 3 years have seen me at my lowest. They have been the darkest, worst years of my life. At times I was a victim of my own thoughts. I pitted myself. It took me looking inward and accepting full responsibility of my life to change my perspective. My life, like everyone’s, had seen difficult times, but nothing I couldn’t shift my viewpoint and tackle. “The Secret” says the Law of Attraction is the beginning of a prosperous life. But how can we have a life of abundance when we are living in a life of insufficiency?

You wouldn’t plan a picnic on a rainy day and expect there to be sunshine. So if you are constantly harping on negativity and everything going wrong in your life how can you expect to see positive results? The moment I stopped living with expectations of how life is supposed to be and I let it happen how it will regardless of what I do I saw a change. I was stressing over things that hadn’t happened yet versus staying present. Whether you are spiritual or religious trust that the universe is protecting you and everything good and bad has a place in our lives at that time. There is a meditation experiment I practice that is focused on not identifying things as good or bad. Allowing experiences to just be. Yes, just BE! When we relax our stance on situations and embrace them it removes the power of expectations. 

Having zero expectations illuminates the fear of failure. The fear we have placed on ourselves and our lives. No matter who you are: Single or Married, at the end of the day it is your life and you have to look after #1 YOU! I just started working on my long journey of positive thinking, however, so far from my results the future looks bright. In three weeks I switched my perspective and changed my results. I am practicing not reacting, not having expectations and allowing life to happen.

This path has been so rewarding I cannot wait to see what happens next. The key to happiness and receiving positive results is by trusting yourself and trusting the universe. AGAIN — TRUST YOURSELF! You know when something doesn’t feel right. Listen to it. If only I could tell my younger self that now. However, it’s easier said than done but with enough practice shifting your perspective is doable. When you are quick to react to news ask yourself: What is reacting going to change? Then take a deep breath and know this too shall pass and refocus. Trust me if I can wake up in one weekend to identify theft, every dollar to my name GONE (it’s still gone btw), a health scare that requires immediate attention and loss of a job, YOU can get through whatever you’re facing, too!

My shift in attitude opened up new doors. I met new people who shared their compelling stories and words of wisdom with me. Those same people showed me other opportunities do exist if I am open to them. Moral of the story, if you are always wearing rose colored glasses chances are you will always see rose-colored tinted days. It is our choices that create our vibrational energy. What is your perspective going to be?






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