How You Can Benefit From Following More People on Social Media

How You Can Benefit From Following More People on Social Media

Around the time that Instagram introduced verified profiles users started treating their pages like an exclusive members only club. If you weren’t verified you weren’t part of the in crowd. Which meant you could follow their pages and like their content but only dream for a reply or like back. Still today there is only a small percentage of influencers like the über talented @jaglever that will return your reply. I am not verified, but until recently I never went out of my way to comment or follow back either. I sincerely appreciated everyone’s support and sentiments but we are busy people living our lives, I thought. Then it dawned on me the people supporting my content are taking time out of their busy lives to support me so I should do the same. I started taking the time to read every comment and visit these people’s pages. While it is time-consuming I found some amazing profiles and people I would have overlooked before. I also discovered how you can benefit from following more people on social media. 

According to Digital Information World we spend about 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking sites. That’s a substantial amount of time to consume news unrelated to you directly. For some that time is spent obsessing over the life of one person’s unrealistic curated social media feed. I for one do not scroll through my feed awwing over someone else’s life or FOMO (fear of missing out). But I do scroll through my feed wondering: How did she get to that level in her career? Where did he get his start? What software program or app did they use to edit that photo? What brand is that blouse? I call it constructive scrolling. 

With constructive scrolling I have a legitimate reason to spend time in my day surfing through my social media feeds. I am inspired and enthusiastic after I see other people’s posts and stories. Which creates a more productive workday. If you are following people who have no purpose in your day-to-day life then it’s time for a social media detox. Time to delete the old and add the new. Just yesterday I noticed I was following 500 people who for one reason or another I added at one time and no longer have an interest in their content. A lot has changed since I started my page when I added these people. The biggest thing, my page is now a business not a daily diary. So I need to run it like a business and only follow accounts that will help inspire me, or help me grow.

It is important to establish what you use your accounts for: Business, friends, fun, etc. I use all but one of my social media accounts for business. My Youtube is for my vlog and makeup tutorials. My Instagram is for daily fashion and beauty content, and Pinterest is my inspiration board. The only personal page I have is my Facebook page which is the only platform I use to stay connected to friends and family separate from business.

Once you establish what you want to use your platforms for pay close attention to who you follow and what they post. Since the majority reading this article are Instagram users I will focus primarily on Instagram. Yesterday I deleted 500 accounts. That is a lot of accounts to unfollow in one go, but I also followed 500 new accounts. I took time to search for accounts who share content I am interested in as well as like-minded influencers and brands. The result was this. When I scrolled through my new feed I spent less time on social media. I was more inspired in a shorter amount of time and wanted to dive right back into work filled with ideas. I no longer filled my head with irrelevant  junk, body dysmorphia or anything perceived as jealousy. Instagram no longer feels like a guilty pleasure keeping me from being productive. Now it is helping keep me on track.

Following more accounts expanded my creativity but it also made other users aware of my account so I can inspire them as well. I gained genuine followers who shared my same interest which long-term means establishing authentic social media friends, not just followers, and pushing more sales targeted to the consumers who are actually looking for the products I am advertising. As an influencer it helps attract the right brands for my business which in turn helps with my growth and partnerships. The more similar accounts I am following the less likely I am to run into bots and brands that do not fit my brand.

Now that I have attracted the right following and followers I am also attracting the products and clothing I am looking for. I am learning new tips for editing, cool makeup techniques, and finding vintage stores that I love. I am educating myself positively with things that might have taken longer to learn or never at all. Now my mind is full from constructive ways to benefit from my time on social media. I’m no longer obsessed with my follower count or generating revenue. I am finding products influencers like me are sharing and buying them and sharing them with you. My circle of social media friends is benefiting from this: Brands are selling products, Influencers are happier with their growth and partnerships and we are all becoming friends. 

The domino affect of social media can be something that destroys your happiness or strengthens it. It’s all in what you choose to spend time-consuming and how you apply it to your life and brand directly. I recently added @abeautifulmess because I wanted motivation to learn how to bake. And @caraloren because I needed inspiration to workout and this married mom of three makes it effortless. I don’t share a lot of food or workout content so I needed a balance of my interests and work to fill my feed. It can’t always be about business. However, the good thing about food and workout accounts is just like I am seeking their accounts, they are interested in healthy living aka clean beauty and sustainable fashion where I come in. We attract one another and more similar accounts when we follow the accounts we are inspired by. There are many ways to interconnect your interest and business goals in a constructive, positive way where you can benefit from social media.

Give yourself a social media detox and take time to invest in yourself and your happiness. You don’t need a marketing company to follow and unfollow accounts for you that attract bots. Target the specific accounts you want to follow and the brands you love and they will find you. Be inspired and create your dream account, your dream career, your ultimate happiness. It starts with being true to yourself so invest in the right information you are feeding yourself daily. 

I hope this post has inspired you and brings more happiness in the way you perceive social media. Drop me a comment below and let me know who you follow for inspiration!! xoxox, Monika

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